Content Strategy

Content Is King, But Every King Needs a Strategy.


Matching Your Buyer Personas, Effective For Your Business: How Content Works

Content is king – when it pursues a clear goal. An individual strategy gives your content a home and links it to your corporate identity, goals and target group.

Regardless of whether you’re just starting out with content marketing or have been investing in it for a while – your current content strategy must be aligned with your business and focus on your customers.

How Does a Content Strategy Work?

Analyse Buyer's Journey

Who are your buyer personas? How do they make purchasing decisions? Which problem are you going to solve for them?

Derive Content Requirements

The content strategy determines which formats and content are best suited to you and your customers.

Identify Distribution Channels

An analysis of suitable channels: Do you reach your target group via a blog? And are you increasingly active on LinkedIn?

Define Engagement Tactics

How does a reader become a lead? The content strategy defines tactics that guide users on their buyer’s journey.

Almost Every Fourth B2B Business Invests in Content Marketing

70% of all B2B companies are now investing in content marketing! That’s more than ever before. With a tailor-made content strategy, you remain one step ahead of your competitors – and inspire your potential customers.

Let’s Get Started With Your Effective Content Strategy!

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