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The Building Block of B2B Marketing: Your Blog With Valuable Insights

A blog is a welcome companion for your company. By using organic search, a blog will draw the attention of your target group to your website. How so?

Search engines love blogs. Whenever you publish your next blog, you create another indexed page on your website. In other words, another chance to appear in the search engine results before the eyes of potential customers.

Already generating enough traffic? Through cleverly positioned calls-to-action in your blog posts, you can direct your prospects to more advanced content such as free gated content, pillar pages, interactive eBooks or a landing page.

If your readers find helpful answers to their questions in your content, the probability is much higher that they will also trust you and your products.

Especially for the visionaries among you, the blog format is ideal – because it brings long-term results. Written only once, your blog posts are indexed by search engines and generate traffic and leads for days, weeks, months and years. This means that your investment into each blog post can result in hundreds of thousands of views and opportunities in the future.

Are there any reasons not to have a blog? Not that we know of! If there is, we will definitely write about it on our own blog. 😉


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