Pipeline Management

Work Towards Your Sales Targets in a Coordinated, Scalable and Transparent Manner.


How to Visualise and Analyse The Success of Your Sales Activities

The sales pipeline is an effective tool which you can use to optimally plan and visualise your sales activities and better control the success of your campaigns.

Based on your CRM system, the sales pipeline shows the different phases that a potential buyer goes through before making a purchase. It is aligned with the individual buyer’s journey for your product and contains detailed steps that your sales reps should follow in each phase.

Your sales pipeline will help you find the answer to the following question: How many leads and deals do you need to achieve your growth targets?

With pipeline management, you gain insights into how many opportunities and ultimately leads are needed to meet your sales goals and how many of them you should turn into closed deals.

Every pipeline is unique; there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Your sales pipeline will be individually tailored to your company, product and buyer’s journey.

3 Aspects to Consider When Designing a Pipeline

Sales Cycle

How long is the sales cycle for a specific product? How many phases does a potential buyer go through and what characteristics do they have?


What criteria do you use to determine whether a potential buyer, i.e. a sales opportunity, moves one phase forward in your sales cycle?

Sales target

What is your sales target? How many deals do you have to close to achieve it? And how many opportunities do you need in the pipeline?

Sales Pipeline Metrics

Pipeline management refers to the intelligent analysis and maintenance of your pipeline. Using computational analytics, the pipeline enables you to draw conclusions about the effectiveness and success of your marketing and sales activities. You can use various parameters for this purpose.


Number of Deals in the Pipeline

Number of possible sales that your sales reps are currently working on.


Average Deal Size

The average revenue that a closed deal generates.


Pipeline Value

The absolute value of each qualified opportunity in the pipeline.


Sales Speed

The average time a deal is in the pipeline before it’s closed.

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