Sales Automation

Perfect the Management of Your Most Important Sales Tasks.


First Plan, Then Automate: Step by Step Towards Maximum Sales Efficiency

Sales automation uses intelligent software and digital tools to simplify and optimise sales tasks and processes. Lots of administrative and organisational steps in the sales process, which you would otherwise have to perform manually, run automatically without wasting much time.

A targeted sales process tailored to your product is the prerequisite for successful sales automation. In the figurative sense of the word, your sales process is a detailed description of how your sales reps can achieve sales and directly lead a potential buyer to make a purchase. However, you can only automate parts of this strategy in a meaningful way if all steps and the sequence in which they are performed are well planned.


Pipeline Management

The sales pipeline maps the different phases of your sales process. It allows intelligent analysis of the success of individual sales activities.


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Sales Sequences

In order to guide prospects through the sales pipeline, you need to be in contact with them. The sales sequences determine the ideal sequence and type of these touchpoints.


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5 Challenges That Sales Automation Enables You to Overcome


The Right Software Makes It Possible

Your CRM system is the crucial tool required to automate your sales activities. How well your information is maintained there and whether the software offers you all the possibilities you need lays the foundation for the successful automation of your sales tasks.


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