Lead Scoring

100% Control Over Lead Qualification Even With a High Number of Contacts.


Automatically Identify Leads That Are Ready For The Next Step

Lead scoring is a method that allows you to measure the level of lead qualification and track it in your CRM system. Points are automatically awarded for certain actions that your leads perform.

For example, if a lead voluntarily provides you with optional information about their company on a form, they will receive bonus points. Points are deducted for negative actions, such as unsubscribing to your newsletter.

Such a system ensures that you don’t waste resources on contacts for whom there is little chance of a successful sale. Rather, lead scoring allows you to only give your sales team the leads that are actually willing to close a deal.


Customer Story: NavVis

NavVis is a fast growing IndustrialTech start-up. Lead scoring helps the company to maintain full control over the qualification process right up to the lifecycle stage of Sales Qualified Lead (SQL), even with a high number of leads.


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Automated Lead Scoring With HubSpot

Lead scoring is already integrated into the Hubspot system, our partner for successful automated lead management. This saves you time and ensures that the score is visible in a centralized place for both marketing and sales departments.

Your sales team can now take all leads with a sufficiently high score and convert opportunities into successful deals thanks to an efficient sales process.

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