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NavVis Enjoys Quick and Scalable Growth Thanks to Digital Marketing Processes.

NavVis M6 Indoor Mobile Mapping System

NavVis is considered one of the most exciting growth stories in the German start-up scene. Founded in 2013 as a spin-off from a research project at the Technical University of Munich, NavVis has become a SaaS technology leader within a very short period of time.

It specializes in indoor spatial intelligence, which is the equivalent to Google Maps for indoor spaces. “We offer a unique enterprise platform that we market across the globe. In both, marketing and sales, we rely on scalable digital strategies that enable us to tap the market potential for our technology as quickly as possible”, says Irene Herranz, Chief Marketing Officer at NavVis.


NavVis Enables the Digitalization of Factory Shop Floors

NavVis is the global market leader in indoor spatial intelligence technology and enterprise solutions, trusted by top companies including BMW, Daimler, Skoda, Lenovo, and Siemens.

NavVis helps manufacturing enterprises drive efficiencies in global factory planning and operations with a fully managed digital twin solution that enables fast and accurate 3D mapping and immersive visualization of the shop floors, at scale.

Put simply, NavVis starts where Google Maps stops. They are the experts in digitalization and remote immersive visualization of large indoor spaces. With NavVis Industry 4.0 technology, manufacturers can easily create digital twins of their global production sites.


Irene Herranz, Chief Marketing Officer, NavVis

“We rely heavily on digital strategies in marketing and sales to tap into the global market. This scales fast to help us achieve our ambitious growth targets.”

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Irene Herranz - NavVis

Indoor spatial intelligence entails the digitalization of factories and other large commercial properties. With the SLAM-powered NavVis M6 Indoor Mobile Mapping System (IMMS), an accurate 3D mapping of huge facilities can be completed in a matter of hours.

The NavVis IndoorViewer software then turns the collected data including high-quality point clouds and 360 imagery into an immersive in-browser 3D model that is easily accessible to every building stakeholder to radically improve transparency and collaboration.


German Chancellor Angela Merkel Meets NavVis CEO Felix Reinshagen

The uniqueness of NavVis is underpinned by numerous awards, a solid patent portfolio and even a personal visit from the German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Their enterprise client roster features leading automotive powerhouses including BMW, Daimler, PSA and Volkswagen; industrial companies such as Bosch and Siemens as well as many other global players such as Allianz and Deutsche Telekom.

In its sales strategy, NavVis focuses on direct customer relationships with large companies, such as the groups mentioned above. However, scalability, which is the key to company growth, lies in forging partnerships with over 30 local engineering firms all over the globe that specialize in 3D mapping and are certified experts that own and operate NavVis mobile laser-scanning devices.

These engineering companies specialize in the digital 3D mapping and surveying of buildings and factories. By using NavVis technology, they benefit from a faster and more efficient surveying process. The result for joint enterprise customers: a seamless and much more precise creation of a digital twin of their global manufacturing premises.


Lead Generation with LinkedIn

In order to identify new laser-scanning professionals as potential new mapping partners, NavVis relied on hyper-targeted lead generation campaigns on LinkedIn, among other platforms. Click here to find out how LinkedIn marketing solutions can be optimally used for lead generation.


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Increased traffic through SEO-optimized content

Lead Nurturing

Higher conversion rate through effective CTAs

Marketing Automation

Automated lead qualification into SQL

Scalable Growth Through Digital Marketing and Sales

“We want to make our technology available to the right buyers around the world as quickly as possible”, says Irene Herranz, describing the marketing and sales objectives of NavVis. “Svensson & Friends support us in creating the foundation for a scalable lead generation strategy.”

NavVis relies on content marketing to sensitize potential customers to its unique technology. Convincing content, carefully tailored to the individual information needs along the buyer’s journey, forms the basis for the digital marketing strategy of NavVis.

To structure the lead management process, NavVis relies on HubSpot Marketing Hub in the marketing area. Right up to the lifecycle stage of the sales qualified lead (SQL), all contacts are qualified using lead scoring. As soon as a contact’s behavior indicates a buying interest, it is passed on to the sales department. The pre-qualified contacts are then processed on the basis of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


Intelligent Lead Scoring

Lead scoring helps fast-growing tech start-ups to maintain control over the qualification process even with a high number of leads. Find out how lead scoring works and how it can benefit your start-up.


Explore the benefits

Efficient Lead Qualification Right Up to the SQL

The objective of NavVis is to generate and nurture new leads via inbound marketing and to qualify these leads in the next stages in an automated fashion. As with many B2B companies, the sales process for a new customer relationship at NavVis stretches over several months. Customized content and intelligent automation using HubSpot help to make this process efficient.

“Svensson & Friends has helped us to structure the lead qualification process and adapt our CRM system accordingly”, says Irene Herranz. “We have worked as a team at eye level from the very outset. We pursue ambitious goals at NavVis and I am aware that it is not always easy for external partners to meet our high standards. Our cooperation with Svensson & Friends is highly professional and always maintains a friendly human touch.”


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