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Whether SaaS, IndustrialTech or FinTech: Your success story is our motivation. B2B companies from Germany, Austria and Switzerland use Svensson & Friends Growth Services to achieve their growth targets.

On this page you will find the success stories of selected customers who have successfully digitalized their marketing and sales with our help.

EASY Software Logo - original


“Our experience shows that excellent content is the best foundation for high quality leads and exceptional conversion rates.”

Birgit Eijkhout
Head of Corporate Marketing, EASY SOFTWARE



Birgit Eijkhout - EASY Software

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“Marketing automation supports us in addressing a large number of prospects in a scalable but highly personalised way.”

Tobias Cawein
Senior Marketing Manager, FinTecSystems


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Tobias Cawein - FinTecSystems

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“Svensson & Friends supports us in creating the foundation for a scalable lead generation strategy.”

Irene Herranz
Chief Marketing Officer, NavVis


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Irene Herranz - NavVis

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