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Gudi Röhmig

Associate, Growth Practice

If the devil is in the detail, Gudi is the devil. The digital native loves symmetry and is allergic to typos. Depending on the season, you find her either snowboarding or wakeboarding. Her guilty pleasures are late breakfasts with heaps of avocado.

Anything else?

🌏 Where I live: Lisbon, the most beautiful city on the Atlantic Ocean

🎬 Favourite Netflix series: Breaking Bad, an all-time classic

🎧 Most listened to Spotify artist: Chet Faker aka Nick Murphy

📱 Most used app: Instagram

😋 Favourite restaurant: Leblon São João, with sunset over the sea

🏅 Certifications: HubSpot Inbound, HubSpot Marketing, HubSpot Email Marketing, SheCodes HTML & CSS Frontend

Are you looking for new ideas for scalable growth? Gudi looks forward to hearing from you! 👇