Our Team

We are Svensson & Friends.


Our Teamwork Formula: Respect and Appreciation

The success formula for our first-class teamwork? Respect in our dealings with one another and genuine appreciation for each other’s work, ideas and personality. We love to work together and do our best every day to achieve outstanding results for our customers.

Camilla Bernardi - Svensson Friends

Camilla Bernardi

Partner, Design Practice
Jannika Otte - Svensson Friends

Jannika Otte

Partner, CleanTech & FinTech Industry Practice
Meike Zimmermann - Svensson Friends

Meike Zimmermann

Partner, Content Practice
Raul Sfat - Svensson Friends

Raul Sfat

Partner, Growth Practice
Sven Montanus - Svensson Friends

Sven Montanus

Partner, SaaS & IndustrialTech Industry Practice
Christian Pundt - Svensson Friends

Dr. Christian Pundt

Associate, Content Practice
Eleonora Bernardi, Svensson & Friends

Eleonora Bernardi

Associate, Design Practice
Gudi Röhmig, Svensson & Friends

Gudi Röhmig

Associate, Growth Practice
Inês Arnedo, Svensson & Friends

Inês Arnedo

Associate, Design Practice
Jana Schubert, Svensson & Friends

Jana Schubert

Associate, Content Practice
Julia Saxena, Svensson & Friends

Julia Saxena

Associate, Content Practice
Liam Richardson, Svensson & Friends

Liam Richardson

Associate, Content Practice
Robert Šaulys, Svensson & Friends

Robert Šaulys

Associate, Design Practice
Tobias Gutsche, Svensson & Friends

Tobias Gutsche

Associate, Growth Practice
Yuki Braun, Svensson & Friends

Yuki Braun

Working Student, Content Practice

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