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Interactive eBooks Made With Foleon: Next Generation Content Experiences

Long-form content offerings are appreciated by your prospects. Digital B2B marketing and sales strategies cannot do without white papers, checklists and other forms of gated content. Their role in the lead nurturing process is too crucial. After all, it is precisely such content offerings that keep the dialogue between your business and your prospects intact along the buyer’s journey.

The big question which you’ve probably already asked is: Does it always have to be the good old PDF format? The answer: absolutely not! Our technology partner Foleon has developed a modern content experience platform that allows you to design interactive content offerings. The latest web technology meets the most demanding user experience standards!

We have been working with Foleon for some time and are enthusiastic about our partnership. Discover the possibilities and have a look at our sample eBook made with Foleon.


Ronald Visser, Partner Success Manager, Foleon

“When building partnerships, it's vital to surround yourself with partners that have the right mindset and are able to implement and execute scalable solutions. Svensson & Friends is a trusted partner on which we can build for many years to come!”

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Ronald Visser - Foleon

Interactive eBooks as an Alternative to PDFs

Many content marketing experts are rightly asking themselves what alternatives there are to creating white papers as PDFs. On the one hand, long-form content plays a decisive role in the lead nurturing process. On the other hand, there have been virtually no innovations in terms of user experience in recent years. With interactive eBooks, we are breaking new ground with longer content formats – discover more here.


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Foleon at a Glance

Put simply, Foleon is a content management system. In reality, however, the application offers much more. Foleon is a versatile content experience platform. You can find more information about features and functions on Foleon’s product pages.

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What Users Say About Foleon

Flexibility in design and state-of-the-art user experience standards make Foleon one of the most modern content experience platforms on the market. You will find detailed, verified user reviews on the tech marketplace G2.

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Are You Looking for Alternatives to Conventional PDF White Papers and Want to Discover New Content Formats?

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